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Have you ever ordered a piping hot platter of pizza and then awaited it with mouth-watering anticipation?
Have you ever come home from work, beat up and tired, craving your mother's special reshmi kababs?
Have you ever had a horde of your husband's friends drop in for your yummy biryani (just when you were looking to settle for the evening)?

If you have answered a YES to any of these questions, FoodGenie is here to do your bidding.

We are a network of high quality, high maintenance buzzworthy eateries, delis, dhabas and bars spread out over Pakistan.
But that is NOT why we recommend trying us out!
Food is not just something to munch on, it is an experience connected with so many emotions and expectations.
When you can't enjoy your favourite dish just the way it is supposed to be it hurts. And we understand your pain.

That is why we at FoodGenie bring you a mind boggling array of regional and continental cuisines at affordable rates
while ensuring that the quality and care your orders are invested with is paramount.
So no chilly means no chilly! No sea-food? Gotcha!
We are well aware of the lack of personalization in today's gourmet world and only include restaurants and eateries that will actually LISTEN to your preferences and then work hard to deliver perfection.
Even if you need to reserve a table at a swanky joint that is always filled to capacity, FoodGenie will whip out its magic wand and deliver.

North Indian, Pakistani, French, Italian, Chinese, Koren, Lebanese and Thai! Because we boast a network of more than 700 fine restaurants spread over the country, you can take your pick of the most 'hot and happening' global cuisines.
From steaks, sashimis, pancakes, waffles, burgers, fried wings and hot lava cakes to dum-aloos, paneer tikkis, boti kababs and phirnis
we have the whole kit and caboodle for you.

Just make a demand because your wish is our command!


We have tested FoodGenie extensively with test subjects before launching it for you. We understand that the sheer array of choices can be mind-boggling. So here's a little help!

We have compiled the most frequently ordered dishes from Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi to guide your selections:

Meet your new favorite App!

Now you can make food happen pretty much wherever you are thanks to the free, easy-to-use FoodGenie App.

Hungry? Get the App.

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